“E24” / “E25” / “E26” displays on the digital display

Issue: “E24” / “E25” / “E26” displays on the digital display

Possible Causes:

1. Too much current detected in Motor 1 (E24), Motor 2 (E25) or Motor 3 (E26)
2. An object could be blocking the free movement of the table
3. Too much weight could be placed on the table 


1. Check if there are any impediments that are restricting the table from moving up or down and remove.
2. Remove some of the load from the table and perform reset procedure below. If table functions normally, too much weight was put on the table.
3. Reset the table
     • Unplug the power cord from the wall.
     • Unplug the leg motor cables, the power cord and switch from the control box.
     • Wait 10 seconds.
     • Re-plug the leg motor cables, the power cord and the switch into the control box.
     • Re-plug the power cord into the wall (this must be done last). You should hear the control box click when it is plugged in to assure there is power.
     • If the table is not at the lowest position, use the DOWN button to lower the table to the lowest position. Stop and take your finger off the button.
     • Push the DOWN button on the switch again and hold for approximately 6 seconds until you hear a click and see a slight movement in the table.        • Press the UP button and the table should now work normally.
4. If this does not solve the problem, contact Technical Support at Fieldservice@workriteergo.com