“E70” displays on the digital display

Possible Causes:

 1. A motor has been newly connected to the control box 

2. A motor has been disconnected from the control box 

3. The control box has just been unplugged and re-plugged



 1. Reset the table:

     • Unplug the power cord from the wall. 

     • Unplug the leg motor cables, the power cord and switch from the control box. 

     • Wait 10 seconds. 

     • Re-plug the leg motor cables, the power cord and the switch into the control box. 

     • Re-plug the power cord into the wall (this must be done last). You should hear the control box click when it is plugged in to assure there is power. 

     • If the table is not at the lowest position, use the DOWN button to lower the table to the lowest position. Stop and take your finger off the button.

     • Push the DOWN button on the switch again and hold for approximately 6 seconds until you hear a click and see a slight movement in the table. 

     • Press the UP button and the table should now work normally.

 If this does not solve the problem, contact Technical Support at Fieldservice@workriteergo.com