The monitor does not hold position

Issue: The monitor does not hold position 

Possible Causes:

  1. Solace needs tension adjustment of the monitor
  2. Solace needs tilt adjustment of the monitor


1. Adjust tension for the monitor:

  • Before adjusting tension, ensure monitor is at the highest position on the tower so the spring tails are no longer under tension.
  • Use the 3/16” Allen key to remove the two bolts securing the plastic top cap of the tower and remove cap.
  • Remove and install pins as necessary per the drawing while holding the monitor in the highest position. If pins are not needed, keep them inserted in the bracket hole for possible future use.

  • Once tension is acceptable, replace the cap and secure.

2. Adjust tilt tension for the monitor:

  • Use the 3/16” Allen key to adjust tension setting on both sides of the VESA plate.
  • Setting number 1 is for the lightest monitor and 4 is for heavy monitors. The factory default setting is 1. Adjust the screw until desirable tension is achieved.


3. If unable to adjust contact Technical support at