What is the Workrite Customer Portal and How do I Login?

Question: What is the Workrite Customer Portal and How do I Login?


The Workrite Customer Portal offers several order management benefits including the ability to view your processed orders, track their status, and print/save order acknowledgments… all straight from the portal and all in real-time. Our customer portal will also allow you to view the shipping information of your order, including the carrier and tracking number, as well as pull up your historical orders. 

No more wondering when your order will ship or what the tracking number is; simply logon to the portal to find the current status of your order. If the order was emailed to Workrite but cannot be located in the portal, it just means that it has not yet been processed but should be added by the following day. 

In addition, you can allow as many employees in your company access to the portal as you wish. All you need to do is send an email to customerportal@workriteergo.zendesk.com with your name, email address  and company you are with and we will set you up with an account.   The Portal is accessible anywhere you have access to the internet, our customer portal is also formatted for mobile devices so you can easily access our portal anywhere you go.

Please log in at: https://www.workriteergo.com/portal-login